IRC 42 Sport

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42 ft (LOA), Racing Yacht
The new Stimson designed IRC 42 Sport, a superb high performance grand prix race yacht competing at top level usually in class zero. This yacht has been launched in 2007.

Yacht Details

The 42 SPORT has been designed with two goals in mind - to win races and to offer excellent handling. Designed by Christian Stimson, her clean lines and medium displacement are those of an agile racer, but her stability characteristics and good manners are highly suitable for training/charter activities with crews of mixed abilities. This balance enables the boat to be sailed confidently by virtual novices, whilst the attainable raw performance will reward the more experienced crews with results at the highest levels of competition giving sponsors valuable exposure in the yachting industry and media.

Rating: TCC 1.135

One skipper/mate obligatory.


Basic Data

IRC 42 Sport (Racing Yacht)
JS Marine

Hull Data

42 ft
12.7 ft
9.57 ft
8 t
Bulb Keel

Rig- and Sail Data

n/a m2
Sails new 2007/8
Relling’s Kevlar race mainsail
North CL Diax offshore race main
Relling’s Kevlar Heavy No 1
Relling’s Kevlar No 3
Relling’s Kevlar No 4
AS masthead spinnaker
Running masthead spinnaker
North Reaching Spinnaker
Sloop (Fractional / Non-Overlapping)
# 2
Permanent adjustable Backstay

Ship's Complement

11 Person





Tack Tick instruments, Expedition race software and Satellite communications.

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